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3 Ingenious Ways to Carry Keys Unobtrusively When Going for a Run
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3 Ingenious Ways to Carry Keys Unobtrusively When Going for a Run

When you are heading out for a run, the worst thing to have to deal with is figuring out how you're going to carry your house keys. Keeping them in the pocket invariably means having to feel them poke into your thigh time and again. And then there's that annoying jingling!

Redditor janield faced the same problem and came up with an ingenious solution -- and before long, the rest of the online community was pitching in with their best hacks on this thread. Some are fantastic, some are downright silly, so we picked out our favourite ways to carry keys unobtrusively when going for a run.

The Shoelace Method

Original poster janield suggests lacing it up with your shoes. First, unlace your shoes for a couple of eyelets (the little holes the laces go through). Thread the lace through the hole in the top of the key, and then lace up your shoes again, such that the key is in the centre of the laces. This part of your foot doesn't move while running, so there won't be any discomfort.

Bonus: Other laces -- like the ones in your shorts -- can be used with the same method, as suggested by airsoftgun96. Alternatively, you could even make a custom necklace.

Toilet Paper

If you're carrying multiple keys, then the shoelace method is bound to become a little too cumbersome. So redditor xyzzs suggests wrapping them tightly in a short length of toilet paper before putting them in your pocket. The method also works with tape.

Rubber Band Bracelet

Use that hole in the key to your advantage! Loop a rubber band through the key, says grash, and wear it as a bracelet -- or even around your legs. There is a chance that the key would flap around as you run, so you might want to use a second rubber band to secure it in place.

Pro Tip: Try to use a bright coloured rubber band. Redditor FindingAlaska notes that you will notice the absence of the bright colour if it falls off, and it'll be easy to spot when you retrace your steps.

LPT: If you're going for a run and don't have a pocket for your house key | Reddit

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