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Tell Us Your Biggest Life Hack Failurestell us

Tell Us Your Biggest Life Hack Failures

Patrick Allan , Gawker Media

Some hacks, tips, and tricks work perfectly and go off without a hitch, making your life easier in the process. Others don't work at all and leave a mess in their wake, making your life harder. We want to hear your worst life hack horror stories.

Maybe you accidentally started a fire in the kitchen trying out a cool cooking hack. Maybe you tried to open a bottle of wine with your shoe and shattered the bottle on the ground. Maybe you cut yourself while tailoring some pool noodles into something less fun but more useful. Or maybe you wrapped a beer bottle in a wet paper towel, tossed it in the freezer, and forgot about it until it exploded everywhere. Whether it's hilarious, horrifying, or a lesson you want others to learn through your misfortune, we want to hear about your life hack mishaps in the comments below. If you have pictures to go along with your story, even better.

Photo by Chris Hunkeler.

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