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You Might Need an International Driver's Permit for Overseas Road Tripstravel

You Might Need an International Driver's Permit for Overseas Road Trips

Kristin Wong , Gawker Media
Photo by Jay Bergensen

Road trips are a fun travel option, but if you're road tripping overseas, you want to be prepared. Some countries actually require an international permit.

While most countries will let you drive with your U.S. license, Travel + Leisure points out that some areas require an International Driving Permit. It's a $20 document that translates your license into ten languages, making it easier to rent a vehicle. You can get this from the Department of Motor Vehicle website or from the AAA .

The document is valid for about a year, and the DMV suggests keeping both your international permit and your U.S. license with you when driving overseas. So which countries require (or at least recommend) it? There are about 150 , according to AAA. Some of them include Australia, Iceland, and Japan. There are different stipulations depending on the country, though.

Your best bet is to check the driving requirements of your destination if you plan on driving, but you can see a full list of countries here .

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