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Follow the “First-Hour” Rule To Tackle Tough Projects
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Follow the “First-Hour” Rule To Tackle Tough Projects

Most of us have one or several big ambitious projects in life. It can be writing a novel, clearing a competitive exam, learning a particular skill or starting a side business. But the problem is, most of the time we are clueless. We have no idea where to start, how to start, and most importantly how to find time for these projects in the midst of a 9 to 5 work life.

Writer and Host of "Love Your Work" podcast David Kadavy have a powerful mind hack, which he calls 'the first-hour rule'. Kadavy explains in his podcast, "with the First-Hour Rule, you commit to working on that tough project for the first hour of each day. When that hour is up, you stop if you want to. If you really want to keep going, you do."

Kadavy says there are two key mechanisms that make The First-Hour Rule work. The first one is that this hack will trick your brain into treating the project as a modest one, that being overwhelmed by the big picture. It's hard to start that big project because your brain hates work, says Kadavy. "The Resistance is so strong, it's better to scan Facebook or watch Netflix, rather than fight it. But your Ego can't fool itself into thinking it can't work on that project for one measly hour".

Secondly and most importantly, the 'first- hour rule builds momentum. According to Kadavy, "every time you recoil from starting that project, you train yourself to feel negative about it. When you finish your goal of one hour, you feel good about yourself, and you feel better about that project. The work you've done carries over into your thoughts throughout the day. The project begins to take up more space in your mind".

So, open your calendar app and schedule the first hour of every day for your special project.

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