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5 Gmail Extensions To Supercharge Your Productivity

5 Gmail Extensions To Supercharge Your Productivity

Ever since its launch in April 1, 2004, Gmail has become the most popular email service miles ahead of its rivals. Back in 2004, in a world of cluttered and comically designed colorful inboxes of Yahoo Mail and Hotmail, Gmail's minimal design and simplicity were refreshing. Today, over 1 billion people use Gmail to get things done. So, here are 5 Gmail extensions that will improve your Gmail experience significantly and boost your productivity.

Send from Gmail

Send from Gmail is more of Chrome extension that Gmail add-on. This tool is a real time saver as you can compose emails without opening Gmail in Chrome. The extension adds a Gmail icon to your browser tab and to fire off a new email, all you need is to hit the icon. No more opening new window or waiting for Gmail tab to load.

Gmail Snooze

Even though Gmail's Inbox app and its web app provides snooze feature, the good old Gmail is yet to get a snooze feature. With Gmail Snooze, you can snooze any email that you receive without having to open them. This extension provides the ability to snooze messages right from your Gmail, simply by assigning a label! When the snooze for that message expires, it will jump right back into your inbox.


Boomerang is described as the ultimate email productivity tool. Boomerang provides features such as send later, track responses, and use AI to write better emails. Boomerang allows you to schedule messages to be sent or returned at a later date. You can write a mail now and send it whenever you want, even if you're not online. Additionally, you can track messages to make sure you hear back, and schedule reminders right inside Gmail.


If you a person who gets productive task boards and apps like Trello, then Sort is the extension for you. Sort essentially turns your Gmail inbox into a Trello- like task board. By doing so it provides an intuitive way to plan and prioritize emails & tasks in a single Gmail. With Sortd, you can create multiple boards and just drag and drop your email accordingly.


DraftMap provides real-time writing suggestions and improvements. It points out common writing pitfalls, typos, and grammatical errors. DraftMap highlights repetitive words, passive voice, adverbs, and cliches in different colors and it will provide suggestions on the readability and style of your email.

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