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Build a Bike-Sized Toolkit out of Water BottlesDIY

Build a Bike-Sized Toolkit out of Water Bottles

Shep McAllister , Gawker Media

Build a Bike-Sized Toolkit out of Water Bottles

If your bike ever breaks down and needs minor repairs on the side of the road, would you have what you needed to fix it? Building a small toolkit to hold a few odds and ends can greatly improve your chances.

Bike Hacks shows you how to build a self-contained toolkit out of two plastic water bottles. Essentially, you cut the top off of one to hold your tools, then cut the bottom off another to act as a secure, sliding lid. Then just mount an additional water bottle holder on your bike, and keep the toolkit there for a rainy day. This would also be great for holding your keys, additional batteries for your lights, and multi-purpose tools so you're never caught unprepared. For more details, check out the source link.

DIY Water Bottle Tool Holder | Bike Hacks

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