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Floating Touch App for Android is iPhone's Assistive Touch on Steroids

Floating Touch App for Android is iPhone's Assistive Touch on Steroids

Have you always wanted something like the iPhone's 'Assistive Touch' feature on your Android smartphone? Meet Floating Touch. Not only does it emulate Assistive Touch, but it actually also comes with a whole lot of other features and customizability to make it one of the coolest app launchers around.

Install the app and you'll find a little orb-like floating icon on your screen. Tap it and the Floating Touch launcher pops up. There are seven customizable shortcuts for common system settings (Wi-Fi on/off, Bluetooth on/off, Airplane mode, Brightness, etc.) as well as apps. I recommend using them only for apps because you already get a folder with shortcuts to all the settings like the one mentioned above. And of course, you can change the contents of that folder.

In the free version of the app, you can't add a folder of your own or customize it; but the pro version will let you do that for Rs. 125.

You can also customize the floating point on your screen, and instead of the orb, choose a Superman logo, a Captain America shield and other options. This icon can tend to get a bit annoying since it's always there, docked at one of the edges of your screen. Thankfully, the app lets you customize its size and transparency. The Pro version even lets you create your own icon.

It's a simple app and the floating icon might be a put-off for some; but those who are constantly multi-tasking will find it a cool addition to their screen.

Floating Touch (Free) | Google Play Store

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