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Flybridge Dock Adapter Makes Old Apple Docks Lightning-CompatibleiPhone

Flybridge Dock Adapter Makes Old Apple Docks Lightning-Compatible

Adam Dachis , Gawker Media

Flybridge Dock Adapter Makes Old Apple Docks Lightning-Compatible

Whether you plan on upgrading to one of the new iPhones or iPods announced tomorrow or you already have a device with a lightning cable, you don't have to buy a new dock if you've got an old one. Flybridge created a little adapter that turns your old iPod 30-pin dock into a lightning-compatible one.

Simply take your existing 30-pin dock and lightning adapter, connect them, then slide on the Flybridge adapter. This will make your dock actually hold your iPhone up rather than connect it with a lot of potential wobbling. While this solution could be a bit cheaper, the Flybridge adapter saves you from buying an entirely new dock.

Flybridge Dock Adapter ($15) | Flybridge

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