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Generate an Easy-to-Understand Privacy Policy for Your Site or App with Iubenda

Generate an Easy-to-Understand Privacy Policy for Your Site or App with Iubenda

Most web users don't pay attention to privacy policies online because they're lengthy and hard to understand, but if you're a webmaster running any number of sites, you're required by law (in most cases) to have a privacy policy in place. Whether you're requesting personal information, processing payments or displaying ads, you'll need to inform your users about the kind of data you're collecting (email addresses, cookies, and IP addresses, for example), how you'll use said data, and list all the parties that will be privy to this data.

If all of the above has made your head spin, take a seat, breathe deeply and relax; there's an easy way to create a privacy policy without having to go to law school, and it's called Iubenda. The site lets you create legal (read: legit) privacy policies for your websites, mobile apps and Facebook apps, by combining modular blocks of lawyer-approved text to inform users about the data being collected and how it will be used. Iubenda presents policies in both simplified and complete versions so that your users can easily grasp what's going on with their valuable information.

Just tell Iubenda what services you use to gather data from users and the app will do the rest

To create a policy, enter your site's URL, app name or connect your Facebook app by logging in. Indicate which services you utilise to collect data, be it social sharing services like AddThis, ad networks like Google AdSense, or payment programs like PayPal (don't worry, these are all displayed as options in a categorised list). Next, configure these services to let Iubenda know what kind of data you collect - I use a simple contact form on my site, so I mentioned that it collects names and email addresses. Finally, you'll need information about the site owner.

That's it! Iubenda will then show you both a summarised version and the complete version of your site's policy, and then allow you to grab an embed code, direct link or just plain text to embed the policy into your site. The last two options are only available with the Pro plan which costs $27 or Rs. 1,650 approx, per year, per policy. If you don't mind a little Iubenda branding, the free plan should suffice for most users. Iubenda policies can be embedded into any kind of site where you can drop in a little HTML code, and even support HTTPS.

So what does the final version look like? Here's the privacy policy on my personal site .


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