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Hack Any In-ear Headphones To Be Noise-Cancellation For Rs. 180

Hack Any In-ear Headphones To Be Noise-Cancellation For Rs. 180

Don't want to spend a bomb on noise-cancellation headphones? If you prefer in-ear pieces, then you're in luck. YouTube hacking darling Kipkay has a new trick in which he takes a pair of in-earphones and turns them into noise cancellation earbuds.

For the hack, you will need:

-A pair of in-ear headphones.

-A pair of noise-cancelling silicone earbuds, like this one .

-A drill.

First, you need to slice off the tip of the silicone earbuds and remove the cord connecting them. The triple flange design helps block out noise, and are designed in a way that they fit comfortably into almost any ear.

From the point where you removed the cord, drill a hole from one side of the earbuds to the other. Make sure it's a clean hole. You can wash the earbuds too, to ensure there aren't any bits of silicon stuck to it.

Now, remove the tips of your in-ear headphones and also take off the little plastic piece that they use to latch on to the earphones. Slip the triple-flange, drilled earphones onto the in-ear headphones now.

And that's it! You now have a pair of noise-cancellation headphones for almost no cost. The silicone earbuds from Head cost Rs. 180, but you can also try at neighbourhood hardware shop and get earbuds from local manufacturers for as low as Rs. 100.

Kipkay also has a similar hack to turn over-the-ear headphones into noise-cancellation pieces.

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