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Save Secret Bookmarks and Password-Protect Them with Hush

Save Secret Bookmarks and Password-Protect Them with Hush

Google Chrome: Isn't it odd that the incognito mode in browsers doesn't extend to bookmarks? Any web page you save for later during a private browsing session unfortunately goes right where all your regular bookmarks are, effectively resulting in a trail of browsing history you could do without.

Chrome users facing this dilemma are in luck: A new extension called Hush lets you bookmark pages privately using a password to save and view your secret favourites. Your bookmarks are secured using industry-standard AES encryption, so you don't have to worry about anyone picking them apart in a pinch.

How to use Hush:
-Install the Hush extension from the Chrome Web Store
-Fire up an incognito window (Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+N)
-When browsing a page you want to bookmark, click the lock icon in the address bar, type a password and click 'Bookmark'
-To view your bookmarked page, click the icon again, type the same password and click View All
-Use different passwords to create 'folders' of bookmarks, so you can share

This is perfect for those times when you're sharing a PC and don't want people finding out what you've been up to, such as your significant other stumbling upon your anniversary gift ideas. And of course, those sites you don't want your mom knowing you visit.

Hush also allows you to export and import your bookmarks -- just copy and paste the generated code and use the corresponding password for that folder.

Hush (Chrome Web Store)

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