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Turn a Dead Laptop Into a Workout CompanionDIY

Turn a Dead Laptop Into a Workout Companion

Shep McAllister , Gawker Media

Turn a Dead Laptop Into a Workout Companion

If your old laptop has a few broken parts, or has just gotten too slow to use as your everyday machine, you can give it new life as a treadmill entertainment center.

This isn't the first time we've discussed turning an old laptop into a wall-mounted PC , but this one looks a little easier to tackle. Essentially, you have to unhinge the machine, and mount the various parts into a styrofoam base, taking extra care to keep the fans exposed. Your specific build will vary depending on the computer, and how you want to set it up in your house, but the finished product is the ultimate way to watch Breaking Bad while working up a sweat. Check out the source link for some more details.

Treadmill Entertainment | imgur via Hack A Day

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