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Amazon India Expands 'Local Finds' to 3 More Cities

Amazon India Expands 'Local Finds' to 3 More Cities

Enabling more customers to sell their used and new products with Amazon's facilitating delivery payments, Amazon India on Monday expanded "Local Finds" service to three more cities.

"Local Finds" was initially piloted in Bengaluru earlier this year with around 600 sellers and over the last few months, over 30,000 customers have used this service.

The service has now been expanded to Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai.

"With 'Local Finds', we aim to connect sellers and buyers, help them quickly list and discover each other's products and transact our delivery, payments and customer service," said Mahendra Nerurkar, Director (New Initiatives) Amazon India, in a statement.

"Local Finds" helps customers to buy and sell across multiple categories including books, video games, music, movies and mobiles.

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