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Glitch Is a Collaborative Coding Site Based Around Remixing Existing Codeprogramming

Glitch Is a Collaborative Coding Site Based Around Remixing Existing Code

Thorin Klosowski , Gawker Media

Whether you're just learning how to code or you're a seasoned vet, experimentation is a key part of the learning process. Glitch is a free new coding site that makes that a little easier by implementing a remix and collaboration system that's also easy to deploy as an actual app.

Glitch projects are primarily created by remixing existing code. This allows users to instantly make their small-time projects, like bots, web sites, or simple apps. You can also seek help from and collaborate with the rest of the Glitch community very easily. When you ask for help, Glitch's coding environment turns into a Google Docs-esque system where friends or strangers can help you troubleshoot or just add features. Even better, everything you do is rendered live, so you can instantly track mistakes or test out new features.

Right now, Glitch only supports Node.js , but that still covers a lot of different project types. When you finish a project, you can export it from the site to GitHub or launch it on your own site. The whole system is polished enough that even a novice like me can dive in and start making stupid things, like a Messenger bot that just mimics everything you say. That polish isn't too much a surprise considering Glitch was created by Fog Creek Software, best known as the team behind Trello. The pedigree is useful here, because Glitch is surprisingly approachable and dare I say, fun, to use. If nothing else, it's a great weekend distraction if you just want to make a goofy little side project.


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