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Instagram Will Now Work Offline on Android

Instagram Will Now Work Offline on Android

Does a bad mobile data connection ruin you Instagram experience? Well, we got good news for you. Today, at the F8 Facebook Developer Conference, it was announced that Instagram will now work offline on Android devices.

According to Facebook, Instagram has 600 million monthly users with 80% of these users located outside the US, mostly in emerging economies where the general users are data sensitive or experience limited connectivity.

The goal of the offline mode is to "Make Instagram work regardless of network connectivity" and "without regressing good connectivity experience," says Hendri, an engineer at Instagram .

According to Instagram, here are the things you can do offline on Android:

  • View cached content
  • Interact with the content, such as like, comment, and share
  • View messages
  • Save media
  • Visit profiles you have visited before
  • Follow or unfollow profiles
  • Visit explore and activity tabs

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