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YouTube Adds In-App Messaging and Direct Sharing

YouTube Adds In-App Messaging and Direct Sharing

Despite being the world's largest video platform, YouTube has been facing some serious challenge in recent years from Facebook. And today YouTube is finally replying to Facebook's venture to turn itself also into a video platform by adding two features making YouTube a social network in all sense.

Yesterday, YouTube announced the introduction of direct sharing in its apps. You can now share videos with your friends and family directly on YouTube app itself, without the need for sharing the link elsewhere.

Not only can you share and receive videos in the app, you can also chat about them right on YouTube, reply with another video, invite others to the conversation, and more. Thus baking in a full-fledged messaging system into the YouTube app.

"We think it'll make sharing easier, faster and more fun on your phone. And if you want to continue sharing videos through other apps, you can still do that too", writes Benoit de Boursetty, Product Manager, in YouTube blog .

These shared videos all live in a brand new tab on your YouTube mobile app. Thus making it easier than ever to catch up on videos your friends have shared or to show them a few of your own favorites.

(Image Credit: YouTube)

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