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Ask These Three Questions at the End of Every MeetingWork

Ask These Three Questions at the End of Every Meeting

Mihir Patkar , Gawker Media

Ask These Three Questions at the End of Every Meeting

For meetings that actually lead to successful outcomes, it's advisable to ask everyone what they see as their necessary actions. Robert C. Pozen, senior lecturer at Harvard Business School, expands on this and says there are three questions you should be asking all the participants:

What do we see as the next steps?

Who should take responsibility for them?

And what should the timeframe be?

Record the answers and send out an email so that everyone is on the same page. This helps with accountability too (because) no one can say they're not sure what really happened.

This is the last of Pozen's seven rules to follow at a meeting, published in full at Harvard Business Review. It's a great read, and while some of the advice is probably familiar to you, it can't hurt to revisit it.

The Seven Imperatives to Keeping Meetings on Track | Harvard Business Review

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