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Do You Prefer Paper or Digital To-Do Lists?Organization

Do You Prefer Paper or Digital To-Do Lists?

Alan Henry , Gawker Media

Do You Prefer Paper or Digital To-Do Lists?

Every day there's a new to-do app promising productivity, but we've heard from many of you that you still find pen and paper the most reliable and efficient way to organize your to-dos. We know there's a mix of you, so we got to thinking: Which do you prefer, digital or analog?

Looking back, many of you really embraced the Bullet Journal productivity method , and all that takes is a simple paper notebook. You guys have passionate thoughts on the best pens and the best paper notebooks , too.

However, the last time we asked you for your favorite to-do list, pen and paper were merely honorable mentions -a far cry from the fact that pen and paper won the same poll in 2010 , and before that in 2008 . Are digital to-do apps getting better, or are we just glued to our smartphones anyway? What are your experiences with to-do list apps versus a paper checklist? Let us know in the discussions below.

Photo by Rob and Stephanie Levy .

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