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One of Those People You Can ‘Never Get Hold Of’ to Boost Email ProductivityProductivity

Become One of Those People You Can ‘Never Get Hold Of’ to Boost Email Productivity

That constantly pinging email inbox is one of the worst things for your productivity flow. Every 'ding' makes you want to check it -- hell, you must be browsing to that tab just to check if you've got new mails.

But if you are serious about streamlining your work, you might need to come across as aloof and pricey. There are those people in your life who you always have trouble getting a hold of -- and Victoria Crawcour suggests becoming one of them if you want some productive sanity.

She recommends checking your inbox only 2-3 times a day, and doing it in 20-40 minute bursts of dedicatedly addressing your inbox. The rest of the time, keep it closed.

"I spent the first week of trialling this in a state of panic, especially since I have a client who does the same thing and, as a result, is murder to try and reach! That said, it's now a regular part of my working day and I find that it gives me so much more freedom," she writes at Lifehack. "Having your emails completely out of the picture for a while can be a huge weight off the mind, and gives you the freedom to just get on with your tasks without that email tab lurking in the corner of your eye!"

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